• Exteria Shake and Cedar Siding

    • Mastic Home Exteriors Siding

      Today's consumers believe wholeheartedly in the old adage, "You get what you pay for." They're interested in product performance, low maintenance, workmanship and warranties. Exterior beauty is important to them, because they know that first impressions count. Vinyl siding's share of the market has approximately doubled in the last decade. While vinyl siding has risen in popularity over the years, traditional wood materials are on a marked downswing. Vinyl siding is the most preferred material overall in both new construction and remodeling. In addition, vinyl siding has become increasingly popular in use in all home segments, from starter homes to luxury homes.

      Insulated Siding

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      for Insulated Siding

      A home insulation system can have many benefits. Natural beauty from longer flat faces, significant insulation values, toughness, sustainability and the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty. When you want to best engineered siding system available, you want Structure from Mastic Home Exteriors. Learn More

      Traditional Lap Siding

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      for Traditional Lap Siding

      The simple lines and ease of installation have made lap siding the most popular cladding for homes. The vinyl siding styles today include many different textures, shadow lines and colors to meet individual preferences. Mastic offers 13 different traditional lap siding product lines, standard lap panels from 3" to 7", Dutch Lap profiles, and smooth or multiple wood grain finish options. Learn More

      Shakes and Shingles

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      for Shakes and Shingles

      Shakes and shingles trace their history throughout American home styles. The rough split look of Mastic's Cedar Discovery Hand Split Shakes or the more uniform look of Perfection 5" or 7" shingle all offer an authentic appearance, but they eliminate the significant weakness of real wood products - wood rot. With Cedar Discovery, you can enjoy the true American look of wood, but without the lifetime of maintenance or repair needed with real wood products. Learn More
      • cd50p2_tn

        Cedar Discovery Perfection Shingle Triple 5″

        Cedar Discovery Perfection 5″ shingles recreate the clean appearance and warm, traditional look of cedar shingles, but without the costly maintenance and repair. Choose from the subtle shading and color variations of naturally-weathered cedar, or the fresh look of recently-painted shingles.


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      • cd70p2_tn

        Cedar Discovery Perfection Shingle Double 7″

        Cedar Discovery Perfection 7″ shingles have the medium texture and random gaps of real No. 1 grade red cedar shakes, but without the costly maintenance and repair. Choose from the subtle shading and color variations of naturally-weathered cedar, or the fresh look of recently-painted shingles.


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      • Cedar Discovery Hand-Split Shake

        Cedar Discovery Hand-Split Shake

        Cedar Discovery Hand-Split Shakes have the rough texture and wood grain of real cedar shakes, but without the costly maintenance and repair. Choose from the subtle shading and color variations of naturally-weathered cedar, or the fresh look of recently-painted shingles.


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      Vertical Siding

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      for Vertical Siding

      Vertical siding comes in different profiles and dimensions to accommodate a wide variety of design styles. Vertical siding has become very popular as an accent element or design feature. Because the pattern of vertical lines can have a very powerful effect, it is an excellent choice for entryways, low porch walls, gables and dormers. Learn More


    • The Foundry Stone Collection

      Created with molds cast from real masonry, The Foundry Stone Collection provides uncompromising detail and warm colors to reflect the authentic, rugged qualities of hand-cut stone and hand-laid brick.
      • Foundry 2013 Catalog

      • Foundry Stone Catalog

      • Foundry limestone

        Foundry Limestone

        Available in a 10″ reveal, this popular and versatile limestone profile is offered in four colors with eye-catching aesthetics. From full walls to building skirts and other applications, our Limestone panels deliver a strong hand-cut, hand-laid masonry appearance. The stones’ subtle surface character and striking dimension complement a wide variety of siding choices.


      • Foundry brick

        Foundry Brick

        A true brick-by-brick approach gives Foundry Brick incredible detail. Real kiln-fired clay brick is cast to give our panels palpable texture. From wainscots and thick columns to full walls with gables, our Brick panels can be used instead of traditional masonry for solid appeal. Available in a 10″ reveal, our versatile color selection meets the aesthetic needs of various home styles.


      • Foundry stacked

        Foundry Stacked Stone

        Our Stacked Stone profile highlights The Foundry’s commitment to innovation. Our realism comes from casting hand-selected North Carolina quarried stone, which results in a unique, vibrant look. The textured grout line adds authenticity and the enhanced coloring process developed for Stacked Stone delivers a complete symphony of tonal differences.

    • James Hardie Siding Products

      Installed on over 5.5 million homes from coast to coast. James Hardie fiber cement siding products are designed to resist the most extreme conditions while romancing the senses. Enjoy the warm, natural character of wood with unprecedented peace of mind. It's easy to see what makes James Hardie the market leader. 
    • Royal

      Royal Building Products is an industry leader in innovation and style of all home building products including vinyl siding, vinyl fences, porches and PVC piping.
      • haven siding

        Haven Insulated Siding

        The Beauty of Saving Energy

        Installing Haven Insulated Siding is unquestionably away to transform the beauty of your home. It is also a very smart financial move. Saving energy means saving money on your monthly power bill. Haven is scientifically designed to add to your home’s exterior insulating ability-your R-value.


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      • journeymenHouse_2

        Journeymen Select Premium Siding

        Naturally timeless. Endless appeal.

        Journeyman Select is a premium line that offers a myriad of siding designs, colors, and profiles – allowing you to create the image you wish to reflect on the outside. Our woodgrain finish offers a beautiful look in sync with nature — in color choices that are endless. Beautiful shades that remain true blue (or red… or beige) for decades. Thanks to Royal’s proprietary technology and Luran S ASA, a revolutionary color formula by BASF, our Colorscapes collection of deep, rich colors offers unmatched UV resistance, fade protection, and color retention. Backed by the industry’s most powerful lifetime color protection warranty, you can relax… knowing your investment will look as new as the day it was installed.


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      • residentialProductPhoto

        Royal Residential Solid Siding

        For over 40 years, Royal has been committed to designing products that reflect our standards of excellence while enhancing your home, and thus your neighborhood. Our quality products offer durable, low maintenance features that deliver lasting beauty and enduring value. We offer many color choices and options so you can pick the hues that make you happy. After all, your home is an outward reflection of you. And that’s a great feeling to come home to year after year.


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      • royalDesignerShake_image (1)

        Royal Designer Shake


        Your home is your castle…your fortress…your place of comfort and protection. It’s a place where memories are created and traditions are celebrated. Your home is a safe and special place that’s truly a reflection of you…your values… and your sense of pride. And when it comes to protecting and beautifying your home on the outside, it’s only natural to want an exterior siding product that embraces all the qualities you hold dear. Royal Designer Shake is an innovative, life-like cedar shake siding line designed to perform to the highest industry standards while exceeding your expectations for years to come.


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