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ASI acquisition

Since this blog is supposed to be about current issues on my mind, I cannot help but share with you the excitement I feel about our pending acquisition next month of ASI. This is a company we have admired for many years. They enjoy a great reputation as the premier independent exterior building products distributor in all of Florida. They have eight warehouses on both the east and west coasts of one of the most populace states in the country. They were hit hard by the recession but have been bouncing back, and I see many opportunities for us together in the future. By combining their talented, dedicated, loyal workforce with our financial and operational expertise, there is a bright future.

I have known Mike Patierno, ASI’s owner, for nearly thirty years and he is undoubtedly one of the finest people I have ever met. He loves his employees and his customers and has developed a well-deserved standing for quality in all that he does. I feel this will be a great fit and look forward to the road ahead. It is fortunate that LBP has this great opportunity.